Thursday, August 28, 2003


well, football fans, do u think money is everything in football? n loyalty is no more e case nowadays. money, marketing, promotions, money again play e central role in generating a good football team? unfortunately, it seems dat way nowdays. just look at e powerhouses in europe. there was a debate dat onli e elites get 2 play in e champ league, so those less glamorous clubs from countries around europe like finland, sweden, norway, croatia, n so on dat u may even have a hard time pronouncing for us asians dun get e chance at all. even e club dat finished at e top of e table of their league.

i will like 2 focus tis season's start of coz with chelsea. n tis roman empire is building 'chelski' like no one's business. e money spent by real madrid for e past 4 seasons 2 acquire figo, zidane, ronaldo n beckham can b done in a few weeks in chelsea. dat's pretty scary, provided they can cooperate well n play dangerously. they oredi open up a golden opportunity in e multimillion champs league football by qualifying yesterday. it is still too early 2 say anything about chelsea, but so far so good. imagine u have in ur choice of 6 good quality strikers 2 field anytime.

newcastle is in deep shit not 2 qualify at all, drawing with Partizan Belgrade n lost in e penalty shoot-out. partizan become the first ever side from serbia to make the champions league group stages, thus wasted e chance 2 earn millions e competition can generate. with last weekend's lost 2 man utd, it seems dat they r still not up 2 standard with europe's elites. n 2 have alan shearer 2 miss a penalty is phenomenal! btw, e toon army better improve n win more tis season, they have 1 more enemy in chelsea tis season, n man city looks veli promising at e early stage of e season. nicholoas anelka seems 2 have a good season ahead. suddenly, there r many stars joining EPL tis season, n i was surprised many brazilians too. kleberson, jardel, elber (maybe) r some famous 1s.

btw, real madrid 2 me is starting 2 b in deep shit as well. i can c no reason of buying beckham but 4 asian market dominance. beckham 2 me does not even come close in terms of stability of passes, dribbles n shooting compared 2 figo n zidane. i watched e asian tour matches live, e 1 in hong kong n e 1 in thailand. he sux bigtime. i admit he has great deadball swirling free kicks dat is arguably great as well as great accurate crosses. but how many times can he actually get them rite 2 compensate his lousy ball passes n vision n dribbles? look at how he struggle 2 get past players, while zidane n figo dribbled past 2-3 players with ease. he may cross really great balls maximum 3-5 times a match, as well as cross really bad balls just as much or more.

i c real madrid r struggling 2 fit in beckham into e team 2 generate fan base n e whole midfield just have 2 have him playing regardless of how poor his performances will b. i may b wrong becoz e season is too young. but these r my early thoughts from e matches i watched. e whole team is revolved 2 fit him in. i think dat will bring a big damage in e long run. n with mekelele who is much more talented threatening 2 leave real, i think they have a major problem there. he is surely a much more complete player dat u can count on than beckham. beckham is not a consistent player, he performs well in 1 or 2 matches out of 10. i admit he is a good player, but not good enuf 2 fit in. e season ahead will prove whether my early opinions will b wrong.

well, e 1st leg of e supercup proved dat when they lost 1-2, but real finally won with a 3-0 scoreline with him scoring his debut competitive goal from a cross from ronaldo. it is still too early 2 say anything. i am a real madrid fan so i am pretty judgemental on their decisions. selling del bosque is another decision i find hard 2 accept, n people like houllier get 2 stay on in liverpool with much more lousy performances 1 after another.


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