Thursday, August 28, 2003


anyway, here is something not related 2 footie. i woke up yesterday morning with MediaCorp's Gold 90.5FM on n heard of e question being asked on flamingos. gold90.5fm is famous 4 playing those classic old songs, which i dun mind listening 4 a change from e contemporary music n song. e question asked about the reason why flamingos r considered illegal 2 b hunted during ancient rome. i remembered i came across tis stuff while surfing some game site forums a year back n came across tis under e game civilization 3. e reason was dat e tongue of e flamingo is a delicacy back then, with all those exotic meat dat mainly e rich people get 2 enjoy in those days. so u r allowed 2 hunt them 4 their tongues but u can't kill them. in other words, they can live tongue-less as long as u dun hurt any other part of e body, weird....i wonder wat they cook e tongue with? sambal belachan? haha! not sure they still do dat nowadays. my lecturer used 2 say dat hong kong cantonese eats anything dat has 4 legs but tables n anything dat has wings but planes. haha! while i shared with my s'porean pals dat i ate snakes, bats, rabbits, turtles, deers, wild boars, mountain boars, ant eaters and so on, they were so disgusted. hehe! i guess probably u dun have much jungles or any fit 2 b called one here dat they feel dat it is unacceptable. unlike my state, sarawak in malaysia which has vast supplies of these exotic meat.

well, e prize is 2 tickets 2 a musical play called forbidden city:portrait of an empress at e esplanade: theatres on e bay. it is about tis empress dowager cixi with singapore singer/actress kit chan acting as her. i had nvr attended anything at e esplanade, (e famous double durians here dat some called jackfruits or fly eyes or even bajahitam's(grasshopper man in those gaban days) eyes) but had visited e shops in it as well as e 'world flags made of hair' exhibition which is quite interesting. they hanged hundreds of flags made of hair all over e entrance. well, still finding a friend 2 go with me, provided i am free 2 go since uni work starts 2 pile up. if not, i may have 2 give away 2 my other friends or relatives. but still as an arki student, looking 4ward 2 e acoustics quality designed inside e durians. curious 2 know how well e sound travel in there, which is veli critical in theatre interior design.

but wat is so significant about aug 27th dat i won a prize? i didn't find anything interesting but of coz none other than mars! it marks e day mars is closest 2 earth since nearly 60,000 years ago, when the neanderthals lived. scientists claimed dat mars won't be this close again until 2287. my friends who went 2 have a look gave comments dat it is just like e size of e singaporean coins, n not even as big as e moon dat nite. i am not really interested as i had seen it around 4 e past week, kinda like a small red dot in e sky. Mars Exploration should have more insights on tis. read on if u r interested.


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