Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Been busy lately. i am also in the midst of trying to link photos into my blog so it will not b so bored with wordings after wordings. had gone 2 watch e forbidden city musical n was my 1st time watching a performance inside e two durians (aka The Esplanade). fyi, e whole building is built on a reclaimed land. i went with my aunt since my friend can't make it. b4 we went there, she treated me lunch at her company club at singapore recreational club, which is just beside e two durians, as well as suntec city.


overall, e props used r veli simple. expecially e main prop is being reused n reused many times by twisitng at different angles. thus, i think they dun need 2 spend much on them. n kit chan has e strongest voice among all e singers during e play, but they r not too bad as well. e onli drawback is dat they r having 2 stories of e empress done cocurrently at e same time, so sometimes it is quite confusing. e orchestra did a good job, e show is entertaining enuf, n surely it will b worthy of S$120-110 paid 4 it. n e many different age of emperor n many different ones made it more complicated. i bought a booklet of e whole cast at S$5. they also sell a cd sountrack of all e songs sang in e play but 4 S$20, i think dat's too expensive.

well, b4 dat, i went 2 visit a watercolour exhibition at Teochew building. The SWS 34th Annual Art Exhibition has e works of all e local members of e society's members. i went 2 a workshop conducted by mr.seah, e current watercolour society president and he told me about the whole thing. e workshop will have 2 sessions in total n i hope 2 learn some techniques from e pros. currently, i am busy 4 e architecture project 1 submission 4 17th sept 2003. 18th sept 2003 will b e crit, i am working on a sophomore place design with 2 other studio mates. so back 2 work, cadding e topo of e site, e building pad, e trees, e paths n e drain.


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