Thursday, September 25, 2003


there is an exhibition of finnish art n stuff in my faculty these few days. will try 2 visit if i got time n snap down stuffs if i am permitted 2. finland? e onli thing i can associate with it is mika hakkinen n kimi raikkonen, e 2 finns i know. notice their names have 2 'K's n ended with 'NEN'. perhaps dat's a common thing in finland? e guest lecture who is going 2 present a lecture on a century of finnish architecture is called mr jarno peltoNEN, presently e Chairman of e Board, e Marie-Louise and Gunnar Didrichsen Art Foundation, Finland. veli CHIM indeed.

btw, busy with my robertson quay presentation on e building n space typology around s'pore river later. so better get back 2 work. was taking hundreds of photos around e area yesterday. it was quite cold, veli minimal human traffic around e place n looks like a dead area in e daytime. there r some warehouses around e place. when i mention warehouses, it means it is veli small size type. not those u imagine with super long span of truss structures. i thought so too when given a description of e place, but was surprised 2 c e real scale. probably becoz u dun c much of those old warehouses anymore around s'pore. they r just being abandoned there, dunno e government having any plans of restoration or wat. but generally, there r many hotels around e place. e gallery is e most interesting among all in e area, it has an open transparent aquarium glassbox swimming pool at e top of e building.

saw e response of e english FA 4 e arsenal-MU match last week but no further details yet on e exact punishments. veli keen on e development of rivaldo's possible transfer 2 real madrid though. but with 1 more non-EU player, real may have 2 drop cambiasso from e e gang of non-EUs like ronaldo, roberto carlos, solari. oh well, i dun mind dat, as long as e old dangerous rivaldo will b present again in e primera liga. e di stefano friendly went well n real won 3-1 against river plate. e grumpy grandfather must b least grumpy dat day 2 watch a tribute match just 4 him. he is surely worthy of such a tribute, looking at e stats of his. it is incredible dat he can achieve 5 straight champions league winners, scoring in every final n 2 get a hattrick in e last one. it is phenomenal, even super strikers of these days can't do dat, not 2 mention reaching e final 5 years in a row. incredible. add 2 his 8 primera liga titles in 11 seasons. truly a forgotten legend. i like how he describes himself. "My life is football - before, after and always."


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