Tuesday, September 23, 2003


i have nvr had a chance 2 watch alfredo di stefano's videos of his past glory, but i heard alot about tis forgetten star. real madrid n river plate r 2 play a friendly tribute in honour of him. many had argued dat he was actually a better player than Pele n was onli been deprived of e crown of kings by his failure 2 appear in a world cup tournament. he was described as a player with incredible versatility n unbelievable stamina.

although referred as a center-forward, he can play defence, midfield n e forward line all at once! he was e guy behind madrid's 5 straight successive european cup wins. he scored a goal in each of e 1st 4 finals and a hattrick in e 5th, which resulted in a 7-3 win over Eintracht Frankfurt. his amazing fitness made him defending one moment n attacking on e edge of the opposition's area 2 score goals next. Alfredo Di Stefano played international football for Colombia, Argentina n Spain.

many also mentioned dat his record against tougher domestic opposition than Pele 4 most of his career speaks volumes of his genius. until 2day, he still holds European Cup's top scorer with 49 goals, he scored 418 overall for Real Madrid, in eleven seasons. with e exception of Stanley Matthews, he played longer than e other three greats, Maradona, Cruyff and Pele. it may have been stubbornness, but he played until he was 40. he has always been grumpy n still terrifies e staff at the Bernabau as a Honorary President. Real Madrid would certainly not be e club they are 2day without him. n when river plate play with real madrid in e friendly, he watches the stars play below, he'll know, in his heart of hearts, that he was better than any of them, even raul, ronaldo, zidane or figo.

although veli grumpy, he did find time 2 praise players. there is 1 thing he mentioned about beckham dat i onli realized after he brought it up. dat beckham is not onli good at kicking a dead ball, but he is e 1st player in e side dat goes 2 pressure e opponents in their side of e pitch. he is an excellent pressing player. as 4 zidane, he called him an excellent player like no one else n has never seen such a good player as him. well, if stubborn grumpy di stefano actually praise people, i guess i am not wrong in my judgement 2 say dat zidane is e most complete player of my era. e way he dances with e ball is phenomenal, when u c him guard e ball from 2-3 players, u know he put in so much dedication n love 4 e ball dat it shall nvr leave his feet unless it was 2 his teamates. dat's how beautiful zizou guides his beloved football. n yeah, beckham is really a veli good pressing player as i can feel. he dun dribble as well as figo or zidane, but he creates pressure in e build up of ball possessions or attacking strategies.

while there is news dat ronaldo is asking perez 2 bring rivaldo 2 real madrid since he is under-utilized in ac milan. well, i dunno how much will he b worthed now n i dunno 2 wat extend perez will look into tis possibility. but with rivaldo as e final slot in e figo, zidane n beckham midfield, it will b a dream 2 watch!!! provided rivaldo still has dat mastery desire of football in him when he was in barca. i wun read too much into it but i will alwiz b hoping!!! i dun mind rivaldo, another forgotten star nowadays. i realized many great players from e spanish primera liga who went 2 serie a dun perform well. perhaps attacking players like rivaldo, ronaldo, mendieta n redondo can't play in a more defensive style footie in italy.

in e other news, arsenal chairman peter hill-wood was slamming his players 4 their childish approach 2 e match against man utd. we shall witness e outcome of e english FA investigation 2 e whole matter.


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