Monday, September 01, 2003


I purposely wait until 2day 2 update. i presume all e transfers have ended, n sad 2 say dat makelele is moving 2 chelsea as their 15th n final purchase under roman abramovich. no sites disclosed e alleged fee (not even real madrid's official website) but reported 24 million pounds. anyway, munitis was sold 2 deportivo, mcmanamann given free transfer 2 man city(who lost 2 arsenal last nite), morientes loaned 2 monaco, n e transfer of ayala 2 real madrid as well as solari signing 4 lazio is still in e books. while chelsea is building its empire, real madrid is weakening its side.

i wonder why n wat is e plan but 4 me, i nvr wan mcmanamann n makelele 2 leave. i c them as potentials n not as financial burdens in real. n just selling n loaning ur players out without replacements will b veli risky especially if injuries hit e squad. tis is actually wat happened during e semifinals 2nd leg of last season's champions legaue campaign. real had injury problems with ronaldo, raul, zidane, figo but have 2 field them in e end. i wonder it is becoz of advertisement purposes but real have limited selections 2 b frank, 2 b able 2 challenge juventus if e galaxy of stars can't perform. seeing them playing below par n struggling, even figo kicking a soft penalty kick dat was easily caught by buffon, i think tis is suicide!

anyway, beckham had a great 1st impression by scoring e earliest goal in e season tis year, i will just sit back n enjoy e show. will e capture of beckham n e selling of so many stars, retiring hierro n not renewing del bosque's contract will affect e club tis year. is it worth it?

man utd surprisingly lost on sat nite, much 2 my surprise, having excuse of injury of rio ferdinand n paul scholes (who was reported 2 b out of action 4 one month). but having james beattie scoring is not a surprise, he leaves good impression in me. arsenal won 2-1 against city, but mcmanamann will onli debut in e next match. barcelona won 1-0, but ronaldinho is not making a big impact like e preseason friendlies. newcastle lost again! i think e lads need 2 regroup, could b too sad after their exit from champions league qualification, while chelsea was drawn from 2 andy cole goals.

juventus n lazio both won big, inter won 2-0, n roma with just a goal difference at 2-1.obafemi martins, who is replacing hernan crespo in inter still has not make his impact yet. we shall c in matches 2 come. acmilan will play later 2day.

anyway, i'm too tired, just finished my presentation on indonesian dutch architects - henri maclaine pont n thomas karsten so wanna grab some sleep b4 going 2 studio 4 design work 2nite.



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