Sunday, September 28, 2003


rushed like nuts 2 get e report n presentation 4 e urban design site analysis done. my part of e studio is on building typology n space typology of robertson quay zone. i partnered with vanessa n she was veli helpful n good in e whole process. i had not slept 4 more than 15-30 mins 4 e past 24 hours n went home yesterday feeling so damn exhausted. i slept with so much pleasure last nite, haha! now feeling totally energized. i failed 2 attend e finnish lecture but can still make it 4 e last day of art exhibition 2day. will try 2 go later. anywayz, 4 e time being, all e photos featured in tis blog will b linked 2 geocities becoz i think i wun have updates of photos everyday. will onli b able 2 have such possibility when i get my new digicam next semester.

now 4 footie news, MU won, chelsea won, arsenal won while newcastle lost. i think tis year will b another crisis year 4 newcastle. they r now so deep down e table, they r 2nd last. they may have won their match against a never-heard-before team in their UEFA Cup campaign so wat r they so proud of e victory? sigh! chelsea was saved by hasselbaink's goal. they still look not veli good as a team yet. e match n e previous ones showed dat chelsea still need hasselbaink n should not think of selling him! time will tell. so is juventus, their old horse, nedved still is good n helped them 2 another victory.

real madrid finally slump 2 their 1st defeat of e season. i warned early dat they will look vulnerable n weak against stronger teams. valencia is e strongest team they face thus far n they r oredi 0-2 down in defeat. raul is not playing though n zidane is veli unfit. so how? well, i oredi expect tis 2 happen. how 2 avoid? i will admit straight dat real will b in deep shit tis year. they may score alot, but their defense is so weak dat it is not veli balanced. among e elites of europe, which includes MU, barca, arsenal, inter, ac milan, juventus, i dare 2 say dat tis season, they have e weakest defence n substitutes. thus, a defeat like tis is veli normal. n their bench is so lousy nowadays dat it will b costly if their superstars got injured. i honestly wun c them going far tis season. both in e league n champions league. i'm veli surprised dat deportivo lost though. dat was an upset. barca can take tis opportunity 2 chase e leaders with their next match.

here is e review on e 128MB ATI Radeon 9800PRO graphic accelerator card.


ATI Radeon 9800PRO graphic accelerator card (August 2003)


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