Tuesday, September 09, 2003


am doing some cadding of my design model when i hear something thru gold90.5fm radio station. hope i can recall tis:
2 appreciate e value of a year, just ask a student who failed his major exam,
2 appreciate e value of a month, just ask a mother who just born a premature baby,
2 appreciate e value of a week, just ask (forgot),
2 appreciate e value of a day, just ask an editor who is going 2 publish e newspaper,
2 appreciate e value of an hour, just ask a couple who r in love dat r going 2 meet,
2 appreciate e value of a minute, just ask (forgot),
2 appreciate e value of a second, just ask a person who avoided an accident.

yesterday is history,
2molo is a mystery,
treasure 2day as a gift,
dat's why it is called a PRESENT.

interesting i thought......well, i read e straits times online n it was confirmed dat e suspected guy who did research on viruses is infected with e SARS virus. seems like e virus has re-emerged. i hope it can b controlled, n not create more quarantines n long days ahead spending mutual time with e thermometer. i'm sick of it! we shall c e updates in e next few days. just pray dat it will not get as bad as last time. but tis has oredi triggered fear in asia, n e s'pore stock market indexes had dropped as a result.


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