Monday, March 15, 2004


my fren wanted me 2 bring his nikon coolpix 885 digicam 2 s'pore 4 repair. i did not manage 2 go but decided 2 go 2day. nikon singapore is situated at shriro house at chang charn road near red hill mrt station. i was waiting 4 e bus no.63 when i saw tis interesting crow trap. nvr seen these kinda stuffs in hdb estates b4 so i am 1 damn curious boy. "WAAHHH!!!!, NVR SEEN B4 WOH!!!!" i guess e neighbourhood must b filled with these birds.

finally found e building. nikon apparently is taking e ground floor level entirely.

my pal told me if e repair costs more than S$60, forget about it. e quote they gave me was S$195! haha! forget about it then!

e camera will have overexposed shots under full zoom (tele). e photos taken r normal with less zoom or no zoom(wide). tis is e sample of e photo taken with full zoom. so i guess i will bring tis baby home without repair. just glad done my fren's request. according 2 e technical people there, e shutter of e aperture is jammed. dat's e reason 4 causing such a problem.

when i was there, i did not miss my chance 2 have a look at e nikon coolpix 8700 (younger bro of coolpix 5700) as well as e d70 (nikon's answer 2 canon's digital rebel 300d). here is e catalogue. e future lies ahead of e 8 megapixel n beyond. i saw e minolta dimage a2 at e fair too. sigh! so jealous!!!


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