Thursday, April 08, 2004


ok, large amount of singaporean men, expecially those who r semi retired 2 grandpa age group have tis love of keeping birds as pets. hmmm, e hobby is so huge dat during weekends expecially, they will bring down their birds n gather. they just sit around n hook e cages on e poles provided, sit down n socialize. interesting rite? we nvr c such things in malaysia at least. k, i was going 2 yishun 2 take some stuff of mine from my uncle's place n decided 2 take photos 2 show how crazy they r with birds. there r people selling bird food too down there when e men sit around admiring each other's birds. most of e birds look so similar i had a hard time identifying them. i wonder how they can differentiate e birds n not take home e wrong bird. haha! but then again each of them have different cage designs n they even have numberings like parking lots 4 e interior hook points. so i guess people wun b too blur 2 mistakenly bring home other people's bird.

ok, people tell me dat e government dun wan people 2 play footie on e empty plot of land normally surrounded by e hdb blocks, e public housing of s'pore. thus, they purposely put lotsa poles 4 people 2 hang their bird cages, tis is e exterior outdoor version of e same concept. hehe! i wonder whether it is true. when i 1st saw e poles when i visited s'pore, i have no idea at all wat r they 4. i was wondering wat kinda flags they need 2 raise in such big amounts? haha! reminds me of e sibu united chinese association. they have alot of flag poles 2 raise up flags of different dialect groups n clans.


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