Thursday, April 08, 2004


e 1st digital imaging gallery in s'pore. sounds catchy rite? who wun go check out if it is just like 1 minute walk away? i was, hehe! i was in wheelock's place when i saw these ads sticking on e floor directing u 2 their gallery. since i had some time 2 spare, i went on 2 have a look! basically it is a display exhibition by tis jap photographer called ikuo nakamura. ok, i am a blur guy in terms of knowing e best photographers in e world so i really dunno how famous tis chap is. nevertheless, he took some really nice n breathtaking photos. pros of coz got some standard, if not, why exhibit? haha!

e theme is basically veli ocean n sea atmosphere. i love some of his children photos taken near e beaches. i think they r veli nicely taken 2 depict e scene at dat veli moment. there r some underwater photos too. do go n have a look if u like. epson took e opportunity 2 use their projectors 2 display some of e photos on e screens n glass panels 2 make e whole exhibition look more high tech. nice try i guess, makes it feel more interesting expecially since e projectors show slide shows of pics every few seconds.

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