Thursday, April 08, 2004


i was doing some album shopping 4 my fren ah hung. he is looking 4 kim min jong n every little thing albums. i found e best of kim min jong, but i guess it is not e album he wanted. but i found 2/3 of e ELT albums he enquired. i searched basically some of e biggest music stores in ngee ann city, s'pore plaza, citylink n suntec city. finally decided e last choices 2 find r e 2 biggest music stores in s'pore, tower records n hmv.

i was so happy dat i found tis 1999 every best single album. it is a rare find.

as 4 e 2003 every best single albums, i onli manage 2 get part 2. part 1 is out of stock. actually i can order but it takes 2 weeks 2 a month, which is too late. i will b back 2 sibu by then. so i guess till i come back again next time. kim min jong's best album also no stock, need 2 order. oh time i guess. i love do as infinity more than every little thing. some more i think tomiko van is more sexy n beautiful! she has e killer eyes n i love her voice too! n i love their guitars n their style of rock.

i bought myself tis album. it has been so long since i bought dance n techno compilation albums. well, just wan 2 buy 1 4 fun.


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