Thursday, April 08, 2004


i just finished watching depor thrashing ac milan 4-0. i was speechless watching 1 of e incredible comebacks of all time. perhaps in footie history! but it was really so shocking, tis is even more shocking than e defeat of real madrid at e hands of monaco. i was on e phone with my fren, ah hung, a milan fan yesterday noon. he told me he had some serious worri heading e match early tis morning. i told him 2 relax expecially looking at e veli solid milan defence. i told him no way it would give away so many goals even if they dun score any. 2nite, milan's defence was so weak under e pressure dat it must b e worst performance of maldini, nesta, pancaro n cafu 4 a long long time. many had compared tis milan side as e best ever with e side of e late 1980s n early 1990s during e reign of gullit, rijkaard, ancelotti, maldini n van basten. but i guess they have 2 wait another year 2 justify dat.

as 4 real madrid, as a fan, i'm soli 2 say dat they deserve 2 go out sooner or later. they r veli veli weak defensively, probably e weakest among all e best teams in europe. albacete played real madrid b4 e match against monaco n i can tell u they played like a bunch of lousy 3rd division boys. e passings r like shit, e defence is alwiz shaky n they almost lost it. i wun b surprised if they finish e season empty handed. raul, my idol seemed 2 finally scoring but not enuf 2 get his team out. casillas is e person real should thank 4 their achievements thus far. they may even have more lousier season if not 4 his brilliance guarding e goal. real should seriously think of how 2 strengthen their defence next season. there is no reason 2 purchase more attacking powers. n dun blame e exit on beckham either, he was also playing like a bunch of boys from 3rd division with e likes of figo, zidance, raul n ronaldo dat day with albacete. i dunno wat happened in monaco but i'm sure their performance must b as terrible as e 1 facing albacete.

looking at arsenal's exit was another shock too much tis week. chelsea may b a side with e most expensive assembly of players in footie history but they seemed 2 b underperforming e whole season with e amount of money spent on e squad. i was watching e match until halftime b4 i slept when reyes scored dat goal by halftime. i thought e match should b alrite. n real was drawn 1-1 at dat time. i guess real will b in deep shit thinking of how morientes contributed 2 e exit of their team from e champions league.

as 4 ac milan, i am still speechless. depor was in good form 2nite. their passing had been really smooth, e defence really solid n valeron is e mastermind there with luque n fran came in later 2 spice up e team. but 2 me, valeron is e man of e match, he was phenomenal, if zidane is e wizard of real madrid, he is e wizard of depor. e denfence line of andrade, manuel pablo, naybet n romero was really doing well 2 cut down kaka, shevchenko, tomasson n inzaghi later. mauro silva, sergio n victor r also in great form. in fact, e whole team r on song 2nite, not 2 mention pandiani alwiz looking dangerous up front. i think e intro of rui costa late in e 2nd half was e time when depor's goal was threatened e most. but apart from dat, depor had marked kaka really well 2nite 2 prevent e wizard of milan 2 b effective.

as 4 porto, they stood proud after getting man utd out n now will meet depor with confidence. chelsea will meet morientes' loan team, monaco, e top scorer as i understand so far in e champions league campaign tis season. things will get more interesting when e semis r approaching. now, it looks like depor n chelsea r e favs. but dun count porto n monaco out just yet. spain still has some pride knowing at least there is 1 representative in e semis.


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