Thursday, April 15, 2004


with real madrid out of e champions league, there is onli newcastle utd left 4 me 2 support in europe competitions. it is quite a silent move 2 e semis now. haha! nvr really pay attention 2 their progress but wat do u know? they deserve some credits 4 moving thus far. their next match is at home 2 marseille, who knocked out inter milan. so it wun b easy 2 go into e finals. anywayz, it is oredi a veli proud achievement 4 newcastle 2 go tis far. sir bobby robson's 3 oldest seniors (perhaps) of shearer, speed n given all played in their parts 2 win e match 4 newcastle early tis morning. interestingly, 2 among e best goalies in e world, given n casillas r both under e teams i supported becoz of shearer n raul.

i just hope newcastle can go into e finals. looking at e clash of e other semi, it is apparently obvious dat valencia r e favs 2 enter e finals. if they dun, it must b becoz of some suspension or injury problems. they r oredi now top of e la liga. so i guess e UEFA Cup can give them some distractions 4 e final few matches 2 win e league. although i dun have faith in real madrid 2 win it now, looking at e remainding teams they need 2 play against, namely barcelona who have been unbeaten 4 months n e deportivo side dat superbly sent ac milan out of e champions league. with real's super scary defence, i can't imagine them going thru these matches with any wins.

i really hope perez get serious about getting a veli reliable top class center defender next season. i just can't imagine real madrid playing with opponents competiting who can score more goals on every match. in e champions league matches where 2 legs r 2 determine e aggregate of going thru e next round, u can't afford 2 give away too many away goals 2 ur opponents. u just can't sustain urself 2 e final like dat.

surprisingly, all e teams dat real lost 2 have players dat played a role in real madrid. starting with e defeat 2 zaragoza in e spanish cup final, they had milito, e player they rejected at e veli last minute becoz he did not pass e stupid medical standard of real madrid. then, real lost 2 a monaco side with loaned morientes contributing 2 goals 2 force real exit e champions league. then, they have their former player valdo in osasuna who sinked them 2 bring them down from e lead in e la liga. now, i think dat is enuf salt rubbed all over real madrid. interesting rite?

with ronaldo out, n raul still not really finding his form (wonder wat's e reason), i guess real wun have much power 2 go on, not like last season when they chase real sociedad like crazy until e veli last minute. n everyone should know e stupid beckham scandal which had come coincidentally at e most crucial moment. now, i begin 2 wonder whether it is beckham who made it up 2 cover his off form? haha!


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