Friday, April 16, 2004

iRiver IMP-550

finally, got it! S$299 at sim lim square. tis baby is e slimmest mp3 discman in e world (4 now) at 13.7mm. it is designed by inno, n 4 those who dunno iRiver, it is a south korean product. it has 55 hours of playback n 15 mins of shock resistance. it also has a fm tuner too.

there is a black design but out of stock. so no choice, i have 2 settle with silver instead. tis baby is onli 145g!!! e gd thing about tis model is dat u can recharge n discharge during playback too. e magnesium die-cast beauty is protected from shock n scratches.

i compare e thickness, or should i say e slimness with e Singapore $1 coin

e gumsticks, which r e slimmest batteries in e world as well i think, hehe!

i dunno whether tis baby has games 2 play on it. e previous model has it. e good thing is dat iRiver products r firmware upgradable. n they really upgrade e firmwares quite often, at least a few times annually, alwiz improving their products.

e salesman told me, "dun worrilah, ur pouch is black in colour, n ur discman is silver, got two colours! compare 2 e black model." at least he can think of some excuses why i should own e silver instead of black model, hehe! although a lame 1. well, need 2 give tis baby a 12-hour 1st time charge 2 give e batteries e sustained long life. n i hope tis baby gonna rock non-stop!!!


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