Thursday, April 08, 2004


where r u jim brickman? i was searching half dead 4 jim brickman's love songs n lullaby music scores book as my fren 17 was interested 2 buy. i decided 2 check out e biggest american book store n biggest japanese book store in s'pore. borders n kinokuniya. interestingly both dun have stock n requiring me 2 order. i decided 2 look elsewhere. searching every possible piano stores in ngee ann city n s'pore plaza. finally i found e book at e music plaza at s'pore plaza. interestingly it is such a thin book n damn expensive! after confirming with 17, she decided it was too much n over her budget. hehe! oh well, maybe she can find better deals in m'sia next time.

started my journey at wheelock's place, where borders is situated.

kinokuniya at ngee ann city was my next destination.

i tried tis robert piano which is situated on top of kino, but no luck too.

i went 2 s'pore plaza next 2 try my luck. yamaha music skool is my next destination which is just next 2 music plaza. i think they r related somehow since e design of e shops r quite similar.

tis is where i found e jim brickman book, but overpriced. so much 4 my jim brickman search. phew!


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