Thursday, April 08, 2004


1 of my most fav. jap fast food chain apart from yoshinoya. they have nice n delicious food. i was out yesterday so i decided 2 dine at mos burger. there r limited outlets here in s'pore so whenever i c 1 n near mealtime, i will grab it! i dined at e 1 at ngee ann city near takashimaya.

e menu of burgers n side dishes u can try here. burgers r generally smaller size compare 2 burger king, mcdonald's n kfc, unless u r comparing e small burgers.

i ordered e mos burger set with some garlic lemon mussels. i love mussels. i chose e peach drink.

e interior of e burger, i ordered with lotsa cheese.


here's e interior details, hehe!

they have tis natural theme thing, like mountain, sun, ocean, stuff like dat. look at e size of their french fries. yes, i am telling u dat they have gigantic french fries. they taste more like home made french fries with more potato flavour compare 2 those deep fried ones from other fast food outlets. dat's e difference. i love it more, taste more natural.

e straw has e ocean theme on it, obviously 2 represent water.

yoshinoya is of coz famous 4 their thin sliced beef rice bowl. dat's their trademark dish. it is situated just opposite mos burger at taka. i love other servings of chicken n salmon too. remember during e mad cow disease early tis year dat yoshinoya japan had 2 limit its beef dishes? apparently they use 100% US beef, n finally japan had 2 resort 2 using aussie n nz beef. but i dunno how much it affected e chains in s'pore. when i passed by, i still c e beef dishes on e menu. some more e mad cow disease had calmed down 4 a few weeks oredi.

the outlet in singapore plaza shopping centre, smaller but with nicer interior deco. feels more jap.


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