Saturday, September 11, 2004


who is shevchenko anywayz? when i 1st heard his name, i have problem pronouncing it, not 2 mention spelling it. he is from ukraine n plays 4 ac milan. if i'm not mistaken, he was from dynamo kiev. he is a striker who is quite deadly in front, dribbles well, reacts fast, run fast n veli tall n can do headers. he also plays like an attacking midfield, sometimes attacking from e midfield all e way 2 e goal. he is in conclusion a complete striker.

i managed 2 grab e new season home jersey in queenstown, singapore. e highlite of tis new jersey will b e golden lettering n numbering. e name of e player is printed straight instead of in an arch form like e previous seasons. so u can imagine a name long enuf like shevchenko or v.nistelrooy will cover almost e whole width of e jersey. of coz 4 v.nistelrooy, if man utd also adopt e same design.

e cutting design is exactly like e new season real madrid jersey. they look almost identical, expecially e bottom of e sleeves n collar design. i double checked n both addidas jerseys r made in portugal. they feel lite compare 2 e previous season fabrics. addidas commented dat e real madrid jersey is about 12% lighter than the former kit, featuring a better ventilation 10s 2 e Layer Dynamic System, as well as facilitating the expulsion of sweat. dunno wat e fabric is made of but it sounds veli CHIM n DEEP 2 me, hehe!

e 3 lines of addidas at e sleeves end up with a sharp arrow like head dat didn't end 2 e edge of it. same design like e new real madrid jersey. actually i wan 2 get a kaka champions league jersey but e shop said e print will not b available yet. so wait i shall have 2 do.......i try it on n it was really extremely lite compare 2 my raul jersey 2-3 seasons back.

another big feature of e jersey will b e red n black lines will fade into total black at e bottom of it. it looks kinda nice from afar but not really from close. i feel dat it looks rather erm.....rough, like a big patch of black liquid just got stained on it, soya sauce? yew! hehe! but anywayz, e lettering n numbering r really nice, e golden effect looks beautiful on e red n black background. e no.7 has a slight cut at its top rite hand corner compare 2 last season design. it makes it feel more fluid n organic. i think it looks cooler overall. ac milan also change back e big ad in front 2 OPEL from MERIVA from last season alone.

4 those who wan more info on how 2 purchase jerseys, e company, weston has a website actually. here it is:



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