Wednesday, September 29, 2004


tis is 1 of those european nites when u c tremendous scorelines. if u look at it totally, there r a total of 31 goals scored in 8 matches. dat will b an average of 3.875 goals per match. incredible! n i am not disappointed staying up late 2 watch e two biggest losers at e start of e season playing each other.

roma scored 2 goals in e first 21 mins with e earliest 1 being in e 3rd min. real started with sloppy defence, veli confusing, e coordination between goalkeeper n defenders is totally off. e penalty box is like a nite market. i was thinking 2 myself at dat point dat it will b another dreadful nite 4 real. however, e turn of events started 2 come in a form of a supreme, brilliant, unexpected screamer goal from raul. out of no anticipation at all he scored a sharp volley into e net from outside e penalty box, so precise, so beautiful real madrid r inspired in no time.

suddenly, everything went e opposite way! real madrid found their form, their football became smooth sailing again, passes n crosses will just go as planned n reach every foot of e white players. e 2nd goal was a controversial 1. but who cares? since e 1st goal of roma was considered offside from e replays. figo converted e penalty, raul scored e 2nd goal n finally roberto carlos after trying 4-5 times finally scored an incredible curving shot at e veli top rite edge of e goal n in. no goalkeeper on earth as being mentioned by e commentator can get dat 1. haha! ronaldo started veli bright, with a few danger runs into e box as well as some good passes but slowly lost his presence in e match. figo was industrious n veli effective, supplying some of e danger balls into e penalty box n assisted dat ball precisely 4 raul's 2nd. beckham is hardworking as ever, zidane also rediscovering his form little by little.

i just hope things will improve 4 them from now on. i wish real madrid e best, most importantly 4 raul 2 score again was a boost in confidence. hearing raul scoring in e previous match after 6 months, i was really looking 4ward 2 tis match 2 c him score again. n he did it with great fashion. i really wish they will drop ronaldo n put morientes 2 partner raul like e good old days.

e onli shocking result 2nite is e defeat of liverpool in e hands of unfancy opponents, olympiakos. could b becoz of e presence of rivaldo? can he still b as dangerous as b4? it was e most lowest scoring game of e nite tying with e juventus 1-0 victory match against maccabi tel-aviv! there r 2 hattrick scorers of e nite. roy makaay 4 bayern munich in a 4-0 demolition of ajax amsterdam. i dunno wat happened 2 them but e ajax i know wun b defeated dat badly, something must b terribly wrong. e other hattrick was scored by wayne rooney. his debut 4 man utd n he is oredi making a huge impact on e game. tis is probably e talk of e day! dat wayne rooney made e biggest impact debut of any footballer alive. n people will b praising e lad like shit! hehe! but i am still not convinced. we shall c how it will go since they beat weak opponents fenerbahce 6-2. giggs, van nistelrooy n bellion r e other scorers. tis is e highest scoring match of e nite.

monaco won 2-0 against deportivo. depor i think will meet real next in e la liga. i really hope real will get a veli positive result from e match. sparta prague 1-2 lyon n dynamo kiev 3-2 bayern leverkusen. real will meet dynamo kiev next in e bernabeu.

2molo i will b watching chelsea playing porto, onli tis time mourinho being on e opposite side of e match. hope it will b another thrilling match! u have tonnes of superstars down there! my focus will b on luis fabiano, i hope he gets 2 b in e starting 11, i wan 2 c how good tis dude plays.


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