Tuesday, September 14, 2004


well, i will concentrate on e spanish n english league here since e italian league is pretty quiet tis season in terms of transfers.

1st of coz, let's look at real madrid. perez had finally realized dat their defence sux so much n purchased samuel n woodgate. was quite sad dat they failed 2 get vieira. now why do they need another striker? n loan out portillo? stupid decision, i will rather have portillo in e squad n use him more often than relying on a player who has onli speed as his main advantage, yet slowing down more nowadays.

well, not even me condemning e purchase of owen. figo too said it was not necessary. i guess e onli reason dat real wanted him was his cheap pricetag. i guess dat was e onli temptation, i dun c him as having much market pulling power like beckham. anywayz, suddenly real r crazy of english players. they r looking at steven gerrard next. k, i will think steven gerrard is much more an interesting player than beckham or owen. but becoz beckham has marketing power, expecially in asia, real r forced 2 play him as much as possible. there r rumours of him coming 2 madrid in e jan transfers. oh well.....

now, let's look at barca. they r growing ferociously in strength just by looking at e amount of good players they bought tis season. namely guily n deco as both performed extremely well during e last champ league campaign. with ronaldinho going 2 b healed real soon, barca can just get stronger. n a few more brazilians at e back, they look like a solid side. i can surely feel dat they can beat real madrid anytime in e league with their squad which is generally younger, fresher n more consistent. unless something happen along e way down e season, if e players r having their forms, no serious problems with suspensions n injuries, they will go far. e biggest injury problem they have now is on motta who may b out 4 6 months.

next, arsenal....they r still unbeaten n steady on e top of e league. they look veli consistent n veli stable. they can go on unbeatable unless something happened. now i will c onli luck will prevent e record 2 continue 4ever. many commented dat their new jersey design sux. i was at e stores e other day 2 buy a shevchenko gold lettering n number ac milan jersey n i saw e jersey close n personal. it really is disgusting n bad design. but let's focus on reyes. he has been scoring alot of goals just like gerrard had 4 liverpool 4 e opening few matches. of coz e fascination of e public with e performances of fibreglass, i mean fabregas. hehe! he seems 2 b e new talent dat fascinated e public since rooney, reyes, c.ronaldo n kaka. we shall c how well tis young lad will go.

newcastle, they bought kluivert. well, not literally since barca still pay some of his wages n loan him over. it is kinda complicated but it seems like barca just wan 2 get rid of him. dunno how much e same 4 saviola. so far, he scored some goals, still need 2 show his ability more. then of coz e problem of positions arising 2 people like dyer n bellamy. then alan shearer started in e bench n straight away sir bobby robson was sacked. same like how ruud gullit had his fate e same way in e past. graeme souness came 2 replace him from blackburn. dunno how e season will go 4 newcastle, hopefully things will go on smoothly.

man utd seems 2 have alot of injury problems n had been drawing many games now. they need 2 get back 2 their winning ways if they r gonna give arsenal a good chase. rooney is still injured but i oredi seen his man utd jersey on sale in e market. i dunno how well will he b in e line up with saha, van nistelrooy n c.ronaldo. then there is e announcement of e expansion of their stadium 2 75,000 seats which will definitely b good news 4 more income.

liverpool is going spanish as real is going english. with luis garcia n xabi alonso. of coz becoz of e influence of new manager replacing houllier dat is benitez. i alwiz fancy xavi alonso but luis garcia seems 2 b in e limelight now with steven gerrard. good 4 liverpool, so far milan baros is still quite quiet after returning from a successful euro2004 outing. also with cisse in front, liverpool suddenly look quite solid, even without michael owen, whom i dun really fancy at all.

guess dat's all i wan 2 talk about. chelsea is not really loud tis season in e transfer market so i will just drop dat issue n c how far they will go. apart from mourinho bringing in some players from his former squad, nothing much can b talked about. with mutu not moving away n crespo now in inter.

champions league will start soon so e focus will b there tis week. i will talk more in e coming days. e watch 4 other players will b e 1s who returned hot from copa america, namely adriano in inter. tis dude just keep on scoring n dat spells trouble 4 europe's elite clubs. so is luis fabiano, e sao paulo striker who just signed 4 porto recently will b interesting 2 watch as well!


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