Thursday, September 16, 2004


real sux bigtime n e defeat scoreline of 0-3 reflected dat. in addition, their playmaker zinedine zidane was injured in half time n could b out 4 3-4 weeks. dat spells more bad news. roma had an even more interesting reason 2 end e match - abandoned. reason? referee hit by object n was injured. abandoned e match becoz of e injury n becoz he feared e safety of himself n e linesmen.

liverpool won convincingly 2-0. man utd climbed from behind 2 draw 2-2 10s 2 van nistelrooy's double which i heard surpassed dennis law's goal scoring record in europe. juventus came back from amsterdam with a slim 1-0 win courtesy of a pavel nedved strike. b.munich struggled thru u get a 1-0 win. finally, deportivo despite their superior players cannot get any goals n have 2 settle 4 a draw with olympiakos.

rite until now, my top 'COULD BE' 5 most dangerous teams in e champions league has not change abit.


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