Thursday, September 23, 2004


wat happen? wat happen? suddenly e whole footballing world is in chaos becoz 2 major powers lost. ac milan n real madrid 2 b exact. liverpool had gerrard out n tis could b e turnaround of things 4 liverpool. i put liverpool on e top 5 becoz gerrard is veli important. if he is not playing, things will change.

camacho quited? dat was e biggest shock i had 4 e past few days. madrid is having a burn out? they r too old n some people claimed dat e stars in there won too much 2 have e HUNGER in them 2 carry on winning anything else. i will say they look like a bunch of lost souls who r still finding e rite tune. they better find it fast b4 it is too late. people blamed it on e dictatorship of perez. some said e players r too powerful becoz they r so galatic dat onli e managers should b blamed. it has been a de javu thingy since camacho was manager 4 onli 23 days during his 1st term as manager. garcía remón, e assistant manager took over e reign n won 1-0 on his debut match. tis guy is unheard of from me in e coaching field.

if liverpool is 2 b taken down from e top 5, i guess juventus will b e 1 2 replace them. look at their superb defence led by cannavaro n thuram. since cannavaro's arrival from inter milan, juventus have been enjoying buffon's clean sheets. there had been links of cannavaro 2 real madrid b4 e season started, i was veli upset he didn't come then. so was vieira. now, we have injured jonathan woodgate 2 b happy of since he came cheaper n younger n has a list of injury record.

e shift of power in la liga will b a battle between barca n valencia. yes, both r veli steady rite now. real madrid as mentioned above r lost souls n hunger-less. they better find themselves n get hungry or they will b end up just like last season -trophyless. barca has some slight injury problems with e addition of gabri n silvinho 2 e list but they signed alot of players n should b able 2 cover it up 4 now. still, they r firing on all cylinders.

in e other news, there had been rumours of interests of people wanting 2 buy liverpool yet again. suddenly i realized dat there r so many people wanting 2 buy liverpool but nvr really get thru. then there r news of arsene wenger keeping an eye on e performances of shaun wright-phillips as well as rooney going 2 return from injury real soon. everybody is so hyped about rooney, but not me, i think he is just using his strength n speed 2 his advantage, he doesn't seem like a natural striker 2 me. same goes 2 my view of owen, minus e strength.

n 'chelski'? well, let's put e sums spent on tis club so far. all e money r in sterling pound.
• Price he paid for club: 200 million
• Transfer fees paid last season: 121.15 million (Glen Johnson 6m, Wayne Bridge

7m, Damien Duff 17m, Njitap Geremi 7m, Juan Sebastian Veron 15m, Joe Cole
6.6m, Adrian Mutu 15.8m, Alexei Smertin 3.45m, Hernan Crespo 16.8m, Neil
Sullivan 500,000, Claude Makelele 16m, Scott Parker 10m)
• Transfer fees paid this season: 93.05 million (Paulo Ferreira 13.2m, Petr Cech

9m, Arjen Robben 12m, Mateja Kezman 5m, Tiago Mendes 10m, Didier Drogba
24m, Ricardo Carvalho 19.85m)
• Total spent: 414.2 million

from e list above, can anybody tell me wat will happen 2 mourinho if chelsea keeps on drawing games n not winning continuously thru e season? since he has a veli good reputation from his champions league record last season, wat else can save him from following ranieri's fate? blame everyone else but himself will b e way 4 any bad results achieved. when u lose, blame e referees n e opponents, 4 their lousy play, too defensive play or even luck all alone. well, if i am a manager in chelsea, i will b under tremendous pressure. i think i need 2 take depression or anxiety drugs 2 cope with e pressure. imagine people give u all e stars u can manage n wat if u dun win? it is like playing championship manager, of coz u will wan 2 coach e best players in e world.


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