Tuesday, September 28, 2004


i live in a double room in an old hall tis sem. so my room mate is kind enuf 2 share mooncakes with me. e moon is visible n super round from my place here in s'pore. it just dun look so big in e photo i took becoz i onli have a 5X optical zoom digicam. i went 2 have dinner with my bro in angel's restaurant just opposite my hall of residence. simple meal.....just 2 make ourselves feel erm....like chinese 2 celebrate a chinese festival.....indirectly. hehe!

e lavender mooncakes, they r quite famous in johor 4 their layered cakes i heard. u can find their bakery in e famous city square shopping centre. i tasted e green mooncake, should b pandan with egg yolk. not bad, smooth n tasty. e taste is not too sweet n overwhelming like some mooncakes i tasted.

mooncake festival is veli commercialized here. it seems 2 b COMPULSORY 2 give mooncakes 2 people here n thus they even have fairs 2 promote mooncakes. i saw them doing it in city square too. they decorated chinatown veli nicely 4 e occasion. they also have a whole lantern display in chinese garden 4 u 2 visit. e themes r disney's as well as journey 2 e east. was beautiful when i visited it.

haagan daas even has tis S$50 mooncake box with 4 mooncakes inside. imagine urself eating e mooncakes dat cost so much. i will imagine myself taking 1 mouthful n let e whole thing melt in my mouth totally! haha! it is too expensive 2 b consumed so fast.

happy mooncake festival! hope u guys enjoy ur mooncakes!


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