Thursday, September 30, 2004


another 1 of those game turns movie stuff just like tomb raider. wat do u do when u c beautiful chicks with guns n kicking zombies' asses? u go gaga! 2 me, milla jovovich is much a sexier babe than e over-rated angelina jolie. i dun really like jolie's lips, they r too thick! n she is not so cool, plus e storyline 4 tombraider SUX! tombraider itself is an over-rated game. i dunno wat is it with e expectations n hype. i dunno, just my instincts. when u have not just 1 babe but 2 sexy chicks in milla jovovich n sienna guillory, u wan 2 get tis movie no matter wat!

i watched e trailer n i told myself i gonna watch tis movie no matter wat it takes. btw, i am starting 2 like guillory more than milla. milla is getting too rough n tough 4 my liking. she's like a g.i.jane. probably i got turned on more with ladies in skirts than shorts. sienna is more feminine. then again, ladies in towels aren't bad as well! woh! (nose bleeding) hope tis will b a kick-ass movie!

i like tis critic by dave kehr of e new york times:
"If you are in the mood for leggy heroines (the film has two) blasting down zombie armies with absurdly large automatic weapons, the film gives very good value for the money."


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