Wednesday, September 29, 2004


there is alwiz those funny times when u encountered something n u r guessing wat e heck is going on? when something extraordinary, out of ur ordinary n normal life happened just like dat.

i was filling up my big bottles with water from e water dispenser near my old hall. e water dispenser is just next 2 e public phone. i was filling 2 bottles, so tis late 30s-40s lady was like noticing me when making a call. i thought she thought i was handsome or something, hehe! kidding......but she was staring at me at close range, like trying 2 observe or thinking of something nasty.

so i knew she is staring but i ignore her but after filling up e 2nd bottle, she talked 2 me. here's how e conversation goes:

lady: hi, can u help me answer e phone?
me: wat? why?
lady: just asnwer it, n tell e person dat u r looking 4 vincent.
me:huh? ok i guess....(feeling abit weird)
lady: just say vincent will do, i just dun wan e person 2 know it is me calling.
me: ok. (waiting 4 e call 2 get thru)
lady: e line is busy, 10s anyway.
me: ok. (still abit puzzled) c u.......

n 2 e other story....

n my room mate like sprained his shoulder, rite shoulder 2 b precise. he told me he was feeling abit sore 4 e past week. then 2 nites ago, he was having tis serious pain. he can't even move his hand 2 his back or raise his hand up straight. it was dat bad n he was like speechless almost e whole day becoz of e pain. he went 2 e health n wellness centre of nus n got his medicine. e doc said if he can touch his left shoulder with his rite hand, nothing should b wrong with him. since he managed 2 do dat, so nothing is wrong with him. he took 2 capsules n told me he is not going 2 take anymore as he was feeling MORE INTENSE pain with extra heat in his body.

here r e medicines he took. probably mr.veritas can verify them 4 me. haha!

tis is mefenamic acid capsule 250mg (tis is e deadly 1 dat made him so in pain)
(notice dat e arrangement of e capsule color coding is in a veli funny manner. any reason why so? or just purely coincidental? hmmm...)

tis is orphenadrine 35mg paracetamol 450mg -he did not take any, i onli know wat paracetamol is.

mefenamic acid supposes 2 treat pain, including menstrual pain i heard! OMG! it can decrease inflammation (swelling) n uterine contractions? double OMG! probably dat was e reason why it has such funny effects on him! haha!

weird thing is dat he nvr like carry anything heavy or been having something heavy on his back as well as having a veli decent sleeping posture. so wonder wat happens. no conclusion at all....


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