Friday, October 01, 2004


uefa cup matches just ended early in e morning n i saw e scorers 4 toon army. shearer 3 goals, kluivert 2 goals. sounds veli convincing. i hope tis partnership will b deadly n create alot of goals in e epl 2 envy arsenal, chelsea, man utd n liverpool. btw wat's with their new outfit? so YELLOW! yuck! wan 2 wear like referee? OMG! who created e design 4 toon army? also tis young lad james milner seems 2 grab some headlines tis season, of coz not as much as rooney or fabregas, but he seems 2 b quite good. will pay more attention 2 him.

champions league offers no major upsets but e defeat of psg n valencia. while barca, milan, chelsea, inter won their matches. surprisingly arsenal were held in a draw. tis shows dat they r still not veli convincing in europe. my top 5 teams 4 champ league competition now becomes:


soli, no place 4 man utd yet, they did not perform against a veli strong team. real madrid also need 2 prove 2 me their worth of consistency. arsenal drop down becoz of their unconvincing match against weaker teams. barca is still veli hot on top followed by milan n chelsea.

since we r putting barca up there on top, let's look at their squad tis season.

GOALKEEPERS: valdes, jorquera, ruben
DEFENDERS: belletti, marquez, puyol, bronckhorst, edmílson, fernando, oleguer
MIDFIELDERS: motta, xavi, ronaldinho, gerard, gabri, deco, iniesta
FORWARDS : larsson, guily, eto'o (kluivert(sort of) n saviola loaned out)

b veli afraid, b veli veli afraid. new signings of the calibre of giuly, belletti, sylvinho, deco, larsson, edmílson n eto'o show how serious barca is 2 dominate la liga n europe tis season. if i am frank rijkaard, i will b smiling with so many superstars at my disposal. beware real madrid n valencia! as u can c, they r overloaded with brazilians, n there were warnings dat having too many players with e same nationality will b veli risky 4 e team. just as being proven last time when barca go dutch all e way!

happy children's day 2 all e children of e world. oct is here n e semester is gonna end soon.


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