Sunday, October 03, 2004


people start 2 say dat they r bored of arsenal's unbeaten run. words like boring starts 2 b used 2 define them now. i will think whoever can break e unbeaten run will also go into history now, no matter who they r. even e worst team in e epl has e chance. haha! i personally dun hate arsenal or even their boss, so tis question is not really showing my intention 4 it 2 end. i just wan 2 know who can stop them?

it reminds of of michael schumacher's dominance in e formula 1. ferrari got so used 2 winning dat e general public lost interest n start 2 call races boring. will e epl suffer e same fate? or people will not watch arsenal matches anymore becoz they can predict e outcome. no bookies wan 2 take bets on their team also, haha!

looking at arsenal's schedule down e road now until e end of 2004, let's c how it goes.

oct 16: arsenal vs. aston villa
oct 24: man utd vs. arsenal
oct 30: arsenal vs. southampton
nov 6: crystal palace vs. arsenal
nov 13: tottenham vs. arsenal
nov 20: arsenal vs. west brom
nov 28: liverpool vs. arsenal

dec 4: arsenal vs. birmingham
dec 12: arsenal vs. chelsea
dec 19: portsmouth vs. arsenal
dec 26: arsenal vs. fulham
dec 29: newcastle vs. arsenal

so u guys predict who has e best potential 2 end it. they r onli meeting newcastle end of e year. e last match of 2004. as u know, i support newcastle becoz of alan shearer, so do we need 2 wait dat long? or will man utd end it on oct 24th? i played championship manager myself n e best i can do 2 sustain my winning streak is 45 games, n 27 consecutive victories. dat's my greatest achievement. seems like arsenal had gone beyond my 45 games winning streak! incredible!

on e other note, i begin 2 pity michael owen. eventhough i am no admirer of him, but he is like pleading 4 a start up in e la liga. with ronaldo not starting 2nite, i will wish 4 a raul-morientes partnership. but owen is so pitiful, like begging 2 b given a chance. i dunno who will start but if he is given a chance, he better make sure he performs well 2 retain dat place. just score as many goals as possible if u have 2 so dat u earn ur place.

b4 coming 2 real, owen should b veli clear of e position of raul n ronaldo in real. raul is equivalent 2 alan shearer 2 newcastle n equivalent 2 shevchenko 2 milan. there is no way u r going 2 bench these players or u will suffer e consequences. ronaldo? no matter how fat he is, no matter how slow he has become nowadays, no matter how far he is from his PHENOMENON days, he is still veli influential 2 get a starting 11 place. NO MATTER HOW BAD HE PLAYS. dat says e same 2 raul. so wat r e odds? e odds will b waiting 4 suspensions n injuries 2 occur. in fact, u will have 2 pray dat ur fellow team mates will get them so u get e chance 2 play, not going into every match 2 substitute them in e dying minutes of e game. then again, i heard of rafa benitez considering a move of owen back 2 liverepool next summer. i cannot imagine how liverpool fans will react. if dat is done, will owen lost all e respect of e fans there or will he b too ashamed 2 go back? i dunno wat will happen, but overall, i wish owen e best, i dun really think his purchase is necessary 4 real, but since he is purchased oredi, so he is part of e team.


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