Saturday, October 02, 2004


my bro n i went down johor 2 get some pirated supplies. haha! we went 2 city square 2 go 2 pelangi plaza n holiday plaza. city square has tis free bus shuttle 2 pelangi plaza. so we decided 2 try it out since pelangi plaza is veli near 2 holiday plaza. while in city square, we dropped by rotiboy.

everybody been talking about their special bread. it looks more like bun 2 me. e skin is crispy but it is hollow inside, so actually it is quite empty eventhough e size suggests dat it is fully loaded. have e smell of butter inside so dat's e main flavour with some sweetness. oklah, by its own rite, it is unique but i think it is too expensive 2 consume since basically u r just eating a thin layer of flour. it's addictive enuf so their motto of "1 is nvr enuf ... buns 2 die 4" is achievable. not e 2nd part. :)

i ordered tis combo costing rm3.80 i think, with a greenspot orange drink. u can get another combo with e lemon drink but it costs more. i love tis drink n i dun put much effort 2 look around johor 4 it becoz i dun have e time. it is manufactured in thailand. i dun c them around in s'pore or perhaps i dun open my eyes enuf. all i know is dat it is some american brand famous 4 its mission of producing "fruit juice drink concentrates" from e freshest ingredients possible. it is refreshing indeed n e taste is not too sweet either.

4 more info on rotiboy, check them out:

anywayz, just give u guys some views of e traffic in johor going into s'pore during fri nite. weekends r expected 2 b packed no matter which side of e immigration u r talking about. both r taken on top of e overhead bridge nearest 2 e immigration. we needed 2 go 2 e other side 2 enter s'pore again.


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