Tuesday, January 11, 2005


finally, i will share about my south korea trip. my mom just arrived home from kunming in the morning and we are off to seoul in the evening. Incheon international airport according to my mom replaced the old smaller international airport because it was already too small to accomodate the demands of increase flights over the years. it is the airport that received our arrival. the flight from klia took around 7 hours. fyi, mas & korean air are having a partnership so much so that you may depart 2 seoul with mas to have e possibility of flying back to m'sia using the korean air.

we are greeted by a local tour guide, miss kim. she speaks fluent mandarin. she told us she grew up most of her younger age in china because her parents have business there. thus, she learnt mandarin and is really good. far more better than me in the command of the language.

on arrival, we headed to Everland, an outdoor theme park. if you watch the korean drama My Love Patzzi starring jang na ra, you will have a glimpse of everland. i love e design. it is really a place that makes you smile & be happy. built far away from the city, it is like a getaway from the hustle & bustle of the city.

it is a huge theme park that requires at least a day to enjoy everything. we are given around 4 hours maximum to enjoy the whole place. this forced me to choose what to play and what not to.

the tour guide gave me a special tag which was wrapped around my wrist to give me the privilege to play anything in the theme park without limit. normally you buy a special coupon which give you around a set of 5 choices of places you want to visit/play. from the entrance, i was greeted with a tall tower. it looks very western. the image they want to showcase for visitors from the first impression.

we decided to have lunch first before we start visiting the whole place. i chose to eat the pork chop with kim chi set. we also took the white carrot dish that is yellowish because of some local spices. fyi, there are many types of kim chi depending of areas around south korea. each have different ingredients of vegetable selection. some use white carrot too as part of the ingredient.

after lunch, we went to the animal zone of the park. we went lining up for the bus trip around the wildlife park. there are heater fans which can become heaters in the winter.

in e bus, you will see many animals like lions, tigers, mixture of both and bears. the uncle driving the bus is very cheerful and even translated the animals we are seeing in mandarin. it was hard to catch what he said but after a few repeats, you almost can catch it. hehe!

then, we went to see some small tiny dogs. i am not a dog lover so i don't know their typologies. but they are sure cute dressing up!

the photo below is the local breed dog. forgot what the name is. but it is called the south korean dog.

visited some stores & saw how they display their sweets. the koreans are really good at displaying things as well as their products are generally well made and well known to last long.

we also followed a christmas parade afterwards. it was beautiful. it is better than any christmas parades i had ever seen!

after about 30 minutes, the parade was over. i decided to have a walk around. the place is quite huge.

some adults are following me from the tour so we decided to take some less dangerous rides like the ferry wheel.

i went to the samsung centre and checked the internet through there. there was where i did my blogging.

then, i went to this boatride which showcased the many cultures of the world. you can see many civilizations of the world with their different costumes.

the trees being wrapped up in winter is really interesting. i think they are cool!

i also visited the haunted house. it was pretty computerised so it was too fake to feel scary. but the effects are nicely done though.

it is almost evening & it was time to go. i wished we had more time. we could play more stuffs. the pirate ship here i heard was from the jelutong park in brunei. i heard brunei could not afford paying for the maintenance of the ship that they were forced to sell it away.

for more photos of the south korea visit, visit the link below:


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