Tuesday, January 11, 2005


dinner time! i don't know whether it is an obsession to eat pork there but we are almost eating it everyday. kim chi is a must have, even if you are going to eat rice with no vege or meat or fish, kim chi will be sufficient. steamboat? almost everyday we have steamboat. seaweed is also very common for every meal. you must have it somehow.

you can choose to sit on chairs or just on the floor. there are 2 choices available.

i was in suanbo, a hot spring city i guess if u put it dat way. it is a long historical spring which has existed since the ninth year of king hyonjong of the koryo kingdom in 1018.

after dinner, just went for shopping at the local grocery store. south korean are very environmental friendly so plastic bags are like very rare to be found here unless really needed. the packings are also meant to achieve that. i saw these flat discuss like sweetening peanut kind of cookie. did not try it but some of the tour members bought some. i heard it was very sweet so i was not interested. felt like it gonna stick all over my teeth if i ever chew it.

i thought the taxi driver is being awarded for his achievement in the taxi service. but the tour guide told me it was just the name of the taxi company and it is so called illegal operated taxi. i wonder how the system works there though.

after that, we went to our hotel which was very far away from the dinner place. well, we were told dat we would sleep on e floor just like the traditional way. there is heater installed under the floor finish so you will feel warm. they said that sleeping on the warm floor will cure alot of sickness especially backpain. i do feel very well after sleeping through it but i am not really sure whether it is as good as curing sicknesses as being claimed.

the whole design is beautiful. it looks classic to me although i have never seen their traditional bed setup.

i saw this interesting local cigarettes vending machine. they are slightly smaller in diameter as i seen some koreans smoking them away.

the next morning, we checked out and were ready for a visit to a lake and cave.

for more photos of the south korea visit, visit the link below:


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