Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Classic DOS game Digger by Windmill Software in 1983, does that ring a bell? I was discussing something with my bro when I was asked about the first ever game I played both on PC and console. I forgot the name of the PC game but I remembered how it was like. I remember the theme music very clearly even until now. It was such a classic music that will remind in your memory forever! Timelss!

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In those days, I played this game for the first time in my mom's office. It was the time when colour pc is so damn popular. I was a young primary school kid then. Probably it was around primary 4-6 which is around 1991-1993.

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Out of curiosity, I decided to go for a search. How? I remembered it was some digging game with a machine. I can only remember it so with a Pacman style digging through to build your own path. Finally I found it in DOS and Windows version.

Do you guys ever play that game before? Well, give it a download below. Click on it and select RUN and it will be saved into your hard disk. Install it and start playing. You can even have 2 players mode! Ahhhh! Bring back memories!

Digger XP


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