Saturday, May 21, 2005


Chelsea took the Premier League crown, FC Barcelona took the La Liga crown and Juventus took the Serie A crown. All three are very consistent this year and deserved their trophies.

Juventus won it by not even playing last night. A draw with Palermo was enough but I think Milan already gave up the hope for the title. They don't play their best eleven because they are focusing on the Champions League final match. Milan have been very lucky to win with last minute goals for the whole season so I always think Juventus deserve the Scudetto title more.

Now, who deserves the Champions League title more? I really have no idea how to answer this question.

Tonight, I will watch the FA Cup final live with my friend. I also have no support for both clubs but I know I hate Rooney, Neville, van Nistelrooy and Sir Alex Ferguson much. Then, you should know who I wish will win the match!


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