Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the news. The cancer in Real Madrid is finally gone. My prayers will be that Fernando Martin will not be another cancer to the club and knows football more than him. Finally, he decided to step down.

There are 6 coaches at Real during Perez's era in the club. Vicente Del Bosque, Carlos Queiroz, Jose Antonio Camacho, Mariano Garcia Remon, Wanderley Luxemburgo and Juan Ramon Lopez Caro. Under Perez's charge, Madrid signed Beckham, Owen, Woodgate, Gravesen, Samuel, promising stars Robinho, Cassano, Cicinho, Ramos, Diogo, Garcia, Baptista as well as `galacticos' Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo.

Madrid also sold some important players like the captain Hierro, the consistent Owen, the magical Solari, the hardworking Figo, the solid Makélélé, Samuel, Cambiasso, Celades, Geremi, Conceicao, Munitis, Campo, Karanka, Cesar, Sávio, the deadly Morientes, the beautiful dribbler Redondo, the split passer McManaman, half-owned Eto'o, loaned Portillo out almost every season and failed the medical of Milito.

As a fan, all I ask from Real Madrid is simple. Beautiful football played by players who deserves to be on the field. When many players are bigger than the club, it just will not win as many matches anymore. The economic might of the club won't benefit a fan whatsoever directly especially to those who always watch through the television. I hope Perez's policy of signing players on the basis of marketing muscle rather than the needs of the team while offloading talented, hardworking players in ruthless fashion will not be repeated.

Richest club in the world? For what? It won't last. Winning titles matters because it will be recorded into history. Nobody will remember the richest club in the world. People only remember great moments in history. People only remember great football plays on the field to victory. People remember great matches. I rather be behind Manchester United and even Chelsea in the Football Richest Clubs list than winning nothing season after season.

When he was first the president, he bought Figo, Zidane and Ronaldo, which is fine since he collected the best players in those positions at that time. After that, everything goes out of control. Money is more important than football! The most unforgiving things which made me hate him are:
1. Firing Vicente Del Bosque
2. Firing Makelele and Geremi
3. Firing Morientes and Owen
4. Selling Eto'o when he scored again and again against them
5. Choose Beckham over Ronaldinho
6. Milito failed a medical and Woodgate passed!

Honestly, the Galatico policy died after Beckham came. The inability to win titles start when he arrived by forcing an additional player into the squad when you already have Figo. I say we drop under-performed players. The new president must have the power to give the coach the ability to bench any player if they are not on form. That will include Raul, Beckham, Zidane and Ronaldo. The restructuring may take some time though but I hope it is for the better.

Let's have a brand new start in March!

On an unrelated issue, Chelsea's Asier del Horno will serve only a one-game Champions League suspension after UEFA agreed to reduce the punishment following his foul on Barcelona's Lionel Messi. I guess now Mourinho is satisfied.


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