Monday, June 12, 2006


I wanted to watch the S&M VS. Holland match but a lady was earlier at the TV room watching some serial so I had no choice but to miss it. Well, that's how it is with TV rooms, there are of course more in other blocks but I was also tired to go from block to block to check. Still, I read that Robben scored and was the biggest performer for the Dutch so that's good! I always love his skills on the field and enjoy watching him display them.

I managed to watch the second half of the Angola Vs. Portugal match. It was a 3am match here and I just needed more sleep. It is like having to wake up to watch Champions League everyday! Haha! I have to conclude that so far, the African teams have shown they are really hard to beat and really played well. Luis Figo's assist to Pauletta in the 4th minute made the difference. Apart from that, C.Ronaldo was substituted early probably to protect him from getting a red for all you know about his volatile character. The presence of Hugo Viana brought back memories of his years in Newcastle United. How he was among the few who was not favoured by the coach and was forced out of the squad reminded me of the sad story that destroyed one of Newcastle's talents.

The play was good but Portugal at times seemed to be wasting time and got their own fans booing them for not trying harder to score more. Angola passed well till the penalty box but never have a good shot at goal. Luis Figo was a hardworking left winger, running around trying to open up the defense of Angola. However, as he aged now, he lost possession much easier and was not as fast to recover once he went down. Still, he was the person who seemed most potentially possible in feeding the balls into the penalty box to give the strikers the sniff of goals.

Well, so far so good but just want to share that the Africans are proven to be good. The Asians should also have the same fighting spirit.


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