Sunday, June 11, 2006


This is a much better match than the previous match with more set pieces, good passes, less brutal tackles and good flow of football. Riquelme was the man who assisted both goals so he was good. The first half saw a controversial goal that was not given to Argentina when it was clearly off the line. The anticipation of seeing Leo Messi playing did not come true.

The first half was great and Ivory Coast were really unlucky not to score for all the nice set pieces and good runs into the box. Drogba kept on 'dropping' so we decided to keep track how many times he 'drops'. It was quite plentiful so we decided to forget about it. The game was played with great spirit as the passes are clean and neat. The chances fall more to Ivory Coast but it was the Argentinian who took their chances well.

Argentina just sat back and defended for the second half, much of my disappointment. They seemed comfortable with the scoreline and did not threaten to go for more. While Costa Rica was less effective in the second half but I was glad they got 1 goal back. It was turning into a boring half where Argentina were reluctant to attack. It was a wake up call so both sides were playing with far more urgency in the last 10 minutes. The score stayed until the end.

Esteban Cambiasso is to me the worst player for Argentina as he gave away alot of balls to the opponents. Gneri Yaya Toure is my pick for the best player for Ivory Coast. Glad to see Saviola perform again after those great years in Barcelona. His built is totally like Michael Owen but this guy is a much better dribbler.

My predictions for the next few matches:
Serbia & Montenegro VS. Netherlands 1-2
Mexico VS. Iran 3-0
Angola VS. Portugal 0-2
Italy VS. Ghana 2-0
United States VS. Czech Republic 1-2
Australia VS. Japan 2-1


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