Monday, June 26, 2006


I went down 30 minutes earlier to find the reception in the tv room to be extremely bad. I went to the next block and found the same problem. I manually adjusted the channel for both and failed to get a decent graphic. The sound is crystal clear though.

I gave up, sat there with my computer on and do my CAD assignments as I hear a LIVE broadcast on TV! This is in black and white, super heavy thunderstorm rain with kick-ass tsunami attack, you are basically seeing lines and dots on television! Therefore, it is literally a radio broadcast for me! Haha!

Here is the interesting account of my live radio broadcast experience on tv!

1. the security guard was making his rounds and came in and sat down and watch the lines on tv with clear commentators commenting on the match and still can settle down to hear the progress. He got fed up and left to continue his rounds.

2. a Vietnamese came in shortly after to watch with me and also gave up. This was like near half time.

3. I slept almost the whole 2nd half and woke up in extra time.

4. 3 German guys came back from clubbing and was asking me about the scoreline and tried again to put in all the effort to adust the tv. Only two stayed back to hear the LIVE radio broadcast until the end because all failed to get a clear graphic in the end after putting in so much effort sitting in front of the tv. Haha!

This is the most exciting football match I ever heard on tv! This is how sad my World Cup experience this year is!

Somebody sponsor me some free football live matches to watch!

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has been telling me how super incredible the extra time winning goal by Maxi Rodriguez was scored! Did you guys see it? Go to YouTube if you haven't. It is cool!

England just won the match against Ecuador. No live on tv so I was following ESPN Soccernet Gamecast. The last comment of the match was harsh on England. How did the match really go?

92 mins - FULL-TIME: One of the worst matches, not only of this World Cup, but of any World Cup throughout history. Ever. England stumble through thanks to Beckham's second half free kick, the highlight of a thoroughly uninspiring performance. headlines read:
Tedious England Lumber On
Boring England Plough Through

Haha! Is the match really that bad?


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