Friday, June 16, 2006


Argentina 6-0 Serbia & Montenegro!

Move over Spain, Argentina scored far more! Now, I want to move them above England as a better contender to win the World Cup. England already disappoint for the first two matches, I will view Brazil's next match to think over the their chances. I will also observe Spain as well as Italy. The forms of teams should settle down more by the last 16 stage. I will reaffirm my top 3 choices by then. Now, let me watch the Dutch match!

By the way, the teamwork that ended with a Crespo back heel assist for Cambiasso to score was a great goal man! Riquelme should be the best performing Argentina on the field. He deserves the man of the match eventhough he didn't score a single goal. Tevez goal was beautiful too!

Finally, I want to say that
Leo Messi is GOD!

Move over Walcott, move over Rooney, move over Robinho, Messi rulez! He came in in the 74th minute. In 16 minutes, he assisted one, built up one and scored one himself!


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