Monday, June 19, 2006


Well, Japan were involved in a goalless draw while the Koreans held the French 1-1 with a very late goal. It seems like the French will have to win the last match to have the best possibilities of going to the next round. Brazil were still very unconvincing with their display of football, hardly look like the most likely winner for the World Cup this time around. The decision to play Ronaldo again and again puzzled me.

My predictions for the next few matches:

Togo VS. Switzerland 0-2
Saudi Arabia VS. Ukraine 0-3
Spain VS. Tunisia 2-0
Costa Rica VS. Poland 1-1
Ecuador VS. Germany 1-0
Sweden VS. England 1-1
Paraguay VS. Trinidad & Tobago 1-1

The last round of matches of the group stage will be harder to predict since some will decide to rest players for fear of injuries and suspensions as well as some are willing to go all out to secure a win to qualify. Some want to secure first place in the group so they can meet weaker opponents in the knock-out stages! Therefore, the predictions will change to the last minute before the match because I need to know who are going to play!

I will be too ambitious to give dark horses some wins so it will not be true to the real fair prediction so don't bet on them! I repeat, these are extreme wild guesses!


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