Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I am unable to give a detailed review as the channel was in bad shape and I am watching in black and white! The reception of TV1 (Malaysian TV) was not so nice so I had a nightmare watching this match at 3am! I think I just was trying my best to catch what came by when they focused in! Haha! In addition, I am really sleepy dudes!

Many attacks from both side but Croatia impressed alot. They should have scored couple of goals. Ronaldo was wasting Brazil's offense in front as he was not in form again. Kaka's goal was enough for a win but we expected more goals! Ronaldinho had balls stolen from him many times in the match. Brazil spent quite alot of time defending from the confident attacks by Croatia. Robinho was brought in late to replace Ronaldo but could not contribute any more goals. After this, they will have to improve when facing Australia and Japan.


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