Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Ronaldo broke the record for the highest scorer in World Cup finals history. It is not a free wide open shot or a good assist that require no effort or a bounced ball that drops in front of him to just tap in. It is a world class goal with a good dummy to deny the keeper and later to score with the pressure of a defender. That goal was worthy of the historic account! He proved his critics wrong for an automatic place in the first team.

Without Essien, Ghana still played extremely well, good flow of football with passes and some really nice assists into the penalty box. The lack of finishing, luck and the abundance of luck and good form of the defence and goalie Dida means Ghana play Brazil on the wrong day. The second goal scored by Adriano definitely looked like an offside goal. The Ghana players protested but it was useless. The referee also seems to be giving more decisions to the Brazilians. Tough luck! Still, Ghana played extremely well and the scoreline did not justify their performance and effort in the match.

The third goal came from a good run by Ze Roberto one on one with the goalkeeper after Ghana were 1 player down. There were many great chances for Brazil to increase the scoreline but I guess it was more than enough. It could be 4-0 or 5-0. I love the scene where Ronaldinho was open wide and the person who had the ball could just assist to him to score into the empty net. However, he decided to try himself and left Ronaldinho extremely frustrated, like a 8 year old boy denied his Transformer toys kind of expression. Haha!

The game was played beautifully in good will and spirit so it was a nice match. I hope Essien was playing. What a pity!

Was commenting about the England match with the friends here and they told me they vomitted blood seeing how England played in the World Cup. Many told me England were lucky to meet weak oppositions and they went through matches with all the lucky goals. I guess Teg you are too bias in your comments on England. Many people are shooting them down as extremely pathetic. The captain does not perform his duty as a leader on the field, he is basically minding his own business, there is no teamwork, each other playing their own game and playing Rooney alone up there is a tragic choice! These are some comments given by people who blasted their performance thus far. Will they ever improve? However, they are already given a great handicapped match against Portugal with so many players suspended. Lady luck again?

Spain were defeated by the experienced French. Not at all shocking to me since the Spainish are still clueless who they will put in their best midfield line-up. The always underperformers tag is there again alive.

Two days rest and the last 8 will start.

Germany VS. Argentina
Italy VS. Ukraine
England VS. Portugal
Brazil VS. France

Who you want to get through for all the matchups? I am going to support Argentina from now onwards as Spain are out.

I am in Johor with minimum Net access so I will reply all comments as soon as I get home in 2-3 days time. See you guys!


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