Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Michael Owen out for 5 months? Good luck England! Sorry Newcastle! Bring on Walcott and let the world see what he is capable of after all the rumours of his greatness which he never have the chance to demonstrate by sitting at the substitute's bench. Let him show off his skills!

My WILD predictions for tonight! Who cares about the scores, I just want to watch the Messi and Tevez show! Bring them on! I hope Holland give them a strong challenge. Come on Robben! The most anticipated matchup so far! I hope the players mentioned below will not be rested!


Messi, Tevez, Riquelme, Saviola, Rodriguez, Robben and Van Persie are the reasons for that!

Ivory Coast VS. Serbia & Montenegro 2-0
Netherlands VS. Argentina 0-2
Iran VS. Angola 0-1
Portugal VS. Mexico 1-1
Czech Republic VS. Italy 0-1
Ghana VS. United States 1-0
Croatia VS. Australia 0-1
Japan VS. Brazil 0-2
Switzerland VS. South Korea 1-0
Togo VS. France 0-2
Saudi Arabia VS. Spain 0-4
Ukraine VS. Tunisia 2-0

So far, the news I heard is that 4 teams will be in deep shit next season in Italy. Juventus might end up playing in Serie C instead of Serie B. Fiorentina and Lazio will get heavy points deduction but will still be eligible to play in Serie A. Milan will go to Serie B with heavy points deduction too. Imagine you play Football Manager or Championship Manager next season and you get to play Juventus in Serie C! Wahlau eh! However, the transfers of players and managers will be interesting to watch! It is time Real Madrid seize the opportunity!

Just think of the sponsorships and the tv revenues. How can they now even pay world class players when all these are no longer possibly reach Serie A value? Will you see jerseys with no advertisements like Barcelona? They won't afford to pay players and coaches. The players also will have their reputations ruined if they play in Serie B or C. No more Champions League football too!

On the other hand, one wonders why Juventus and Milan need to involve in the whole scandal. I mean they are all the while strong clubs in Serie A. Why take such risks? They are not Chelsea, an average club who suddenly become one of the superpowers. They are all the while the superpowers of Italy and European football. Makes you wonder. The greed of men? I wonder.


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