Friday, June 23, 2006


The Czechs have been really hardworking, deserving some goals scored but the Italians have some really good defending in the final moments of every offensive force to kill the chances. Cannavaro to me was so damn rock solid in front of the goal it is just not right not to mention his outstanding performance. Buffon too for his great reflexes denying some dangerous shots none other than the best Czech player on the field, Nedved.

The lucky corner kick header goal scored by Materazzi and an early red card of Polak really swung all the efforts of the Czechs to the dumps. The early substitution of Baros too made me wonder why they need another person when he truthfully played well and putting in alot of effort. The coach probably wanted a fresh player when Baros just can't deliver the goals.

With the bad news from bad home in Italy and until now we have not got a very clear verdict, it will surely affect them one way or another. This is especially for the Juventus and Milan players as their futures are at stake. Still Italy showed alot of patience in the game, alot of great passings and calming themselves well as they went to search for the goals.

The Czechs looked more urgent from the very first whistle as they know they must win to assure them of some chances to go through to the next round. Eventhough they failed to get the goals, they really played hard and made the whole match really exciting. Both teams play well and clean to give the game alot of smooth flow of attacking, defending and great passes. I enjoyed the match and I really hope Italy can keep up with their style. I also like Totti's new haircut, much cleaner and neat. He went for some shots on goal which were extremely tame. Apart from some midfield mistakes of retaining possessions, Italy should be strong enough for the last 16. Ghana will follow them through after the win against the United States.

BTW, don't you think Italy has some words that rhyme? Totti, Moggi, Lippi? Hehe!


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