Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The French lacked the finishing, the referee was extremely weird, the Swiss were very dangerous but the score ended 0-0. Thierrry Henry again underperformed for France as he always did and the finishing was never there to get the goals. He looked pretty undecided, tame and not confident in front of the goal. The Swiss had not once but at least twice came extremely close to score a goal, one hit the post and then was kicked to the heavens eventhough Barthez was well beaten and sitting on the ground.

The chances were not taken well and the French really wasted many of great potential assists by Zidane. He had a good night for his age and at times, we can see how frustrated he was with their performance. I was surprised when Saha was brought in instead of Trezeguet. Both countries played very well defensively to deny each other. The referee was very inconsistent in giving cards away but overall was trigger happy giving away a total of 8 yellow cards with 5 to Switzerland.

Zidane was carded for kicking the freekick before the whistle was blown and Sagnol was given one for pushing around the penalty box. A card was given for a Swiss for not kicking the ball out when Henry was down, a card was given but no free kick (weird one) and another for a handball (trying to score the goal from it). I know many cards were given controversially. I guess this is probably what the match will be remembered.


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