Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well, the goals should put a smile on everybody. It is better to have a goal fest than a careful 0-0 draw that bores everyone to death. Klose continued his scoring touch from the previous World Cup while Frings scored a superb goal that might never be matched for the whole tournament. Germany decided to shoot from outside, bombing the goal with some pretty scary shots that were quite close and accurate. The first goal itself by Lahm was beautifully shot at that exact top left corner of the goal before moving in nicely with a curling shot.

Costa Rica were on the other hand, trying to catch Germany with their offside furious runs with the speedy and magnificent Wanchope who scored both the goals and Ronald Gomez. Schweinsteiger (ok, I have difficulty spelling this name!) and Schneider (half as difficult) were doing alot of good runs, especially Schneider who is everywhere! Many attacks by Germany were from the wings as they either ran or passed the ball into the box.

However, the defense was pretty shaky and hence, Costa Rica were able to penetrate through with their super speedy front attacks. Klinsmann should really think of how to better coordinate the defensive wall, especially dealing with fast opponents in the games to come. Overall, the goals were beautiful, the game was played well with the tempo nicely executed and we are enjoying! I hope this is the start of a great World Cup which will leave behind the lousy memories sucked so much when it was in KoreaJapan.

I did not watch the Poland-Ecuador match.


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