Sunday, June 18, 2006


It seems more and more to me that you have an alternate days of high scoring and low scoring matches. It means tonight we will have high scoring matches!!! Haha! I wish! Michael Essien's Ghana had upset Czech Republic after my friend kept complaining that this World Cup is getting too predictable. We were having discussions before the Portugal match when he asked me about the scoreline. I told him the score will be 2-0 as reflected in my blog. I agreed, telling him that my predictions are quite close with 3 scores that were accurate so far.

This World Cup is more predictable than the previous one in Korea-Japan. At least, we have less controversial matches for this one and we got to see plenty of beautiful football. That to me is more important than the predictability of the matches.

One puzzling matter we had seen in the latest Dutch match as well as the French match was whether to play on when a player is down and possibly injured and require treatment. There seem to be alot of confusion and the best part was that a Swiss player was even given a yellow card for not kicking the ball out to stop play. If the player is going to be treated outside the field, why do they need to stop play? I am confused as anybody. However, if the player is down and seems injured and is inside the field, it is of course sensible to kick the ball out to stop play.

The Brazilian and French have alot to prove tonight. They better score alot or else, they will lose their reputations! The two individuals who will be under the most pressure tonight is Ronaldo (if he plays) and Henry!

On another matter, my friend Miss Liza Cheng just visited me and brought some pineapple tarts from Malacca. Malacca is famous for having the best pineapple tarts in Malaysia! They tasted great, YUUUUUUMMMMMMYYYYYY! Thanks Liza!

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On another other matter, hehe! I got 4 free tickets to go watch some live bands performance for the Singapore Arts Festival 2006 called Rock D'Fort. I don't feel like going as well as busy with some shopping chores. Therefore, I decided to put them all into an envelope and paste it beside the most busiest lift in the whole hostel. Haha! Whoever got it, hope that they enjoy themselves.

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