Friday, June 30, 2006


Here we are in the quarters! After some rest, it is time to watch the remaining matches. I will try to watch all 3 matches and not the Italy VS. Ukraine match since it looks like there will not be an upset.

Germany VS. Argentina 0-1

The host has the upper hand and homeground advantage but I really wish Messi and gang go through! I want Argentina to win because I am supporting them through! I wish the coach will bring Messi down to play attacking midfielder just behind Saviola and Crespo. This will give more options in attack and more headache to the Germans.

The Germans as always have a very organized team and I can only see their defence as being shaky from the previous matches. Argentina can exploit that but their own defence is no better. They need to beef up! In terms of attack, both should have the lethal attacking options as they are equally strong. Argentina will need the creativity of their South American football skills to beat the Germans.

Italy VS. Ukraine 1-0

The Italians are rather frustrated for being labelled as lucky to win their previous match against the Australians. Well, everyone swears that the last minute winner was not a penalty. Well, I heard the referee who gave that call against Italy while playing the South Koreans during the previous World Cup was badly abused by the mafia. This referee knows the consequences and won't repeat the same mistake. Or else, he will not leave Germany in one piece.

That aside, how true it is, Ukraine only has Shevchenko as everyone in the world been telling me. Well, they are truly the only darkhorse left in the competition. The underdog tag will be there even if they play to the finals. I am not going to think Ukraine will create an upset based on their nervous display against the Swiss the other time.

England VS. Portugal 1-0

The English has been underperforming for all the vast talents they have in the squad. Is it not time to show your true abilities? If not, when? More underpar performances? Still, they are the favourites to go through with Portugal heavily carded from the Dutch match. This handicap gives England the edge to win this clash.

England should consider pulling more midfielders closer to their forward if they still want to play with just one upfront. Rooney requires more support. Why not put Gerrard just behind him? Lampard should not keep trying if he can't score. Assist more scoring chances to others if he detects that the night is not his and there is no wind going his way. As for the captain, he should do what he does best - crosses after crosses and freekicks after freekicks.

Brazil VS. France 1-0

Nostalgic. Brings back memories of France '98! Everyone has been blaming Zidane for their slow pace in midfield. I don't understand, I saw France in their first match and I saw how many great passes Zidane executed into the penalty box for the forwards to score. I don't know why people say France will be much powerful without him because he slows the whole team down. If nothing goes wrong, I will see Brazil snatching a slim victory. A defeat will be shocking but will silent all the critics who complained the tournament is too predictable until now.

Ronaldo should be more mobile and keep up his play like when playing against Ghana. Adriano too should follow the same. Ronaldinho should be given more chances to go into the box more. Let the dude score some goals please. He is really deserving some! Still, this is a battle between the creative minds so I am looking forward to this as much as anybody!



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