Friday, June 09, 2006


I just registered my starting 11 in the ESPN Soccernet Fantasy Challenge. Play and see how much you can manage the best 11 for the competition. You can only have two players from each country and you can only play with 4-4-2. You are allowed 12 transfers in the whole competition.

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ESPN Soccernet World Cup Fantasy Challenge

My wildest predictions based on nothing:

Germany Vs. Costa Rica 4-1
Poland Vs. Ecuador 1-2
England Vs. Paraguay 1-0
Trinidad & Tobago Vs. Sweden 0-3
Argentina Vs. Ivory Coast 3-1

By the way, this is my challenger, my gf's team!

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By the way, it is FREE and you have PRIZES to win too! Register now, still have time before the giants of Brazil, Argentina, England, Italy, France and Spain start playing!

Those Interested to join, here is the info.
League PIN: 4871


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