Saturday, June 17, 2006


Ivory Coast deserve a draw for their really good performance. I pity Ivory Coast and I would say the goalkeeper was a very nervous dude down there, which almost cost his team more goals scored against them. He loves to pass the ball to his defenders eventhough the strikers are so dangerously close!

Van Persie freekick opener was a nice one although a defender almost managed to deflect it. The second by Robben's assist to van Nistelrooy was a good vision for the unmarked striker to go in 1 on 1 to beat the goalie. The 3rd goal by the small man Bakari Kone was another screamer with a speedy run over 4-5 players before executing a superb kick. Romaric, Zokora, Eboue and Kolo Toure have all impressed for the Ivory Coast. In fact, the whole team played well with good set pieces and passes to break open the Holland defence. They managed alot of shots but just lack that last finishing touch to score.

Van Persie was doing more defending in the second half with the rest of the Dutch as they were pressured in their own half with the great passings of the Ivory Coast. Robben was probably the first person in the tournament to be booked for diving. He would be fined I heard. Van Bommel was another player whom to me went down too easily as well. There were many yellow cards given as well, which is 7! The stadium was full of orange and you wonder where have all the Ivory Coast supporters gone to. Well, this match adds to a truly great night of football watching.

The prediction of mine for the next set of matches:
Portugal VS. Iran 2-0
Czech Republic VS. Ghana 1-0
Italy VS. United States 2-0
Japan VS. Croatia 0-2
Brazil VS. Australia 2-0
France VS. South Korea 1-0


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