Thursday, June 29, 2006


This is my first movie watched at the Imax. It is also the most expensive film I ever watched. I thought we will be given those 3D glasses/goggles for the movie.


First of all, Superman has a son?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on man! Are you serious? There was a debate going on between my friends and I about how Lois Lane married a guy and the son was Superman's. My friend had an answer.

He has supersperms. Off we died straight!

Then, he thought a little big further and said that how can the ovum take it? We resurrected and died again!

Then the debate raged on with the question of how can a normal human ovum take the massive attacks of the supersperms? Are they with wings? Do they fly instead of swimming? If all the sperms are so super, won't she conceive like millions of them and get alot of babies at the same time? Oh whatever....................

Overall, I like the film. The experience of watching at the upper decks of the IMAX theatre is abit difficult to get used to. First, the screen is too wide for both your eyes. You need to turn your head left or right sometimes to find the object of focus. After the show, we went to the last row and felt that it is the best seats for full coverage of the wideness of the screen. However, the experience could be different. The wide screen also forced you to spend some time focusing the screen. This is especially when the images are moving at fast pace and you need time to adjust your eyes to the speedy scenes. The sound system is not that outstanding but good enough to give you enough real time effects.

The guy who plays Superman is the best guy they could find. He looks exactly perfect for the role. I don't like Lois Lane though, she is to me lack the charisma and the sparkle as well as the curly hair just kill her off. Lois Lane with curly hair is just not right in my dictionary and she is abit short and plump. Lois Lane should be slimmer and taller.

The storyline is good and I very much enjoyed the movie. The speed of Superman going through sonic boom speed was a great effect too! I love that. The idea of having a son was abit shocking to me. In the old days, we used to speculate that if Lois Lane marries Superman, the baby will be flying (floating) around the house. Hehe! Lex Luthor was played well too. He looked just like him and acted just like him.

The ability for the superkid to resist the kryptonite is also very puzzling. Is the superbreed of Superman and human the reason? Haha! I wonder. The scene when he was a boy and running around and jumping in the farm reminds me of the scene of The Hulk! Exactly the same kind of movements. The use of computer renderings and effects really help brings up the speed, strength and impact of Superman as well as the damages and the extent of the destructions to greater heights. This gave us the audience more ability to feel the magnitude of his super powers.

I recommend you all to catch it eventhough you hate Superman.


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