Saturday, July 01, 2006


First of all, Argentina lost not because they were the lousier team but because they were extremely unlucky and also with stupid substitutions as well as stupid decisions for penalty takers. First of all, why take out Riquelme? Why not play Saviola instead of Cruz for substitution? Why substitute all the players so early? Finally, during the penalty kick, why ask defender and defensive midfielder to take 2nd and 4th kick? I have no idea! If I were the coach, Argentina would have win it! Dammit!

Argentina had many scoring chances but failed to convert them, they played better and well, at the end of the day, not the best team will win. I really wish for Messi to come in but it was never meant to be. I just don't know what is going through the coach's mind! I hate his decisions and I blamed them for the defeat of Argentina today.

Germany surely will win even before the penalty kick was to be taken with their top players still in the game as well as a much more experienced goalkeeper. Argentina substituted their Crespo and Riquelme which later led to Germany to score and with a less experienced goalkeeper, they gave themselves piles of disadvantages. Unlucky for getting their first choice goalie injured and pathetic decisions to substitute their top men when their just took such a slim lead.

Finally, that yellow card for 'diving' in the penalty box should be given a penalty instead of for an alleged diving! The replay showed that the defender did have contact to the Argentinian player and did not even touch a ball. Another more wild refereeing is how a free kick was given for a German player who fell down without anybody giving him contact! The referee was very bias towards Argentina too. That's the ugly side of football for you.

I am just pissed. Dammit! I wish Germany will not win the World Cup! The agony of not seeing Messi applied more salt to my pain. Carlos Tevez is my man of the match! He is great!


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